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SANDTEQ W-100 – Model 124 RC – Limited Web-Edition
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Calibration, veneer sanding and interim paint sanding.

Version with two sanding units

Whether used as a single-belt machine or with two sanding units, the SANDTEQ W-100 offers an efficient solution for all sanding tasks. This includes calibration and fine sanding of solid wood, as well as sanding of veneers and interim paint sanding (option). Drive outputs of up to 15 kW are available to suit your requirements. The independently driven units also ensure a fast, high-quality results.


  • The space-saving design means that an installation area of just 5 m² is required
  • Excellent sanding results thanks to acp® and eps® pressure beam systems
  • Easily adjustable thanks to infinitely variable feed speeds (2-18 m/min)
  • High drive outputs of up to 15 kW
  • High level of flexibility thanks to independently driven sanding units
  • Quiet operation thanks to solid frame construction

Quick facts:


The head for precise calibration of wood and wood-based materials with high stock removal rates and roughening of surfaces as preparation for glueing. The wear-resistant profiled contact roller avoids the so-called “wash-out effect” – possible when sanding wood with large differences in density (summer resp. late wood).


C-Head with acp® system

Fine sanding head with additional calibration function and use of the pneumatic pressure pad with acp® system for calibrating and fine sanding of wood and wood-based materials. By using the pneumatic pressure pad with acp® system the correct sanding pressure is applied over the complete working width and a continuous surface quality is ensured.


  • Pneumatic pressure pad system for the right pressure over the entire working width
  • Adjustable sanding pressure for consistent surface quality
  • Optimal for processing solid wood


C-Head with eps® system

Fine sanding head with additional calibration function and use of the electronically controlled segmented pad with eps® system for calibrating, intermediate lacquer, fine and veneer sanding of wood, wood-based materials and lacquered surfaces. By using the electronically controlled segmented pressure pad with eps® system thickness tolerances of up to 2 mm are


  • Electronically controlled segmented pressure beam system for efficiently retaining the pressure of the sanding belt
  • 35 mm segment width for perfect sanding results across all areas of the workpiece
  • Automatic adjustment to the segments on the surface of the workpiece 
  • Up to 2 mm tolerance compensation


Modell 124 | RC Standard

R-Head (with contact roller diameter of 140 mm)
C-Head with acp® system


Modell 124 | RC Performance

R-Head (with contact roller diameter of 140 mm)
C-Head with eps® system


Modell 124 | RC Advanced

R-Head (with contact roller diameter of 140 mm)
C-Head with eps® system

The Advanced Packs of the SANDTEQ W-100 provide the standards for high-quality intermediate lacquer sanding at a very attractive price by a frequency-controlled sanding belt speed, an air-jet belt blower and the appropriate sanding element in combination with the electronically controlled segmented pressure pad with eps® system.

  • Includes lacquer sanding package for C-head comprising:
  • Frequency-controlled, infinitely variable cutting speed of 2–18 m/s
  • Adjustable sanding belt blow-off device
  • Additional 80-mm-wide sanding element


Your Highlights:

  • Model with two sanding units 
  • Sanding belt drive with wear-free electrical braking device and power transmission with Poly-V belt
  • pneumatic belt tension to compensate for abrasive belt tolerances
  • Uninterruptible power supply UPS for the grinding belt oscillation after power failure

  • “Limited Web-Edition”
  • The prices stated are valid for the models offered in Germany. This is a recommended retail price of HOMAG GmbH ex works (FCA/ Incoterms 2010 ICC). Errors and changes to the information are reserved. The offer is valid while stocks last.
  • Ask for your individual offer including transport and commissioning of the machine. Your HOMAG partner will be pleased to inform you about the detailed scope of the equipment and the range of services.
  • The HOMAG sales and delivery conditions apply.

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Elements per page: 12 | 24 | 36

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