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SPRAYTEQ S-100 (R GSF100/P/13) – Limited Web-Edition
Product-ID QUO-10003-YQEZ9K

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Flushing line
For internal cleaning the spray guns during a colour change without having to flush the entire paint circuit.
4-way color change valve
For manual preselection of up to 4 circuits (3 x paint circuit and 1 x flushing line) via a 5/4-way valve mounted on the spray arm.
Booth pressurization
The additional ventilation unit installed on the roof of the spray machine optimizes the air distribution and the air flow inside the spray booth and thus increases the transfer efficiency of the paint application. The risk of contamination of the workpiece surfaces is significantly reduced by additional filters
Pump-Package - high pressure - Durr EcoPump VP incl. wall mount  
The pump package is a fully assembled and ready to use module.
Pump-Package - flushing - Durr EcoPump VP incl. wall mount  
The pump package is a fully assembled and ready to use module.
Spray gun package - AirAssist - Durr EcoGun AA
Spray guns: 4 pcs. Durr EcoGun AA AUTO AirAssist


'Spray coating machine for automated finishing of furniture parts, doors, stairs and interior elements with common water- or solvent-based coatings. The innovative machine concept enables the use as both, a stand-alone spray machine or as part of a comprehensive finishing line. Low investment and operating costs combined with the achievable production volume qualify this machine for small and medium-sized companies looking for a reliable, flexible and high-quality spraying application.

Quick facts:

  • Equipped with a single oscillating spray arm for four spray guns.
  • Workpiece transport with a vacuum conveyor belt covered with disposable paper. The disposable paper eliminates the need for a costly belt cleaning device and makes cleaning of the machine between jobs unnecessary.
  • Paper roll with approx. 3000 meters positioned under the transport system.
  • Paper tension monitored by sensors, with additional paper breakage and paper winding control.
  • Uniform application with the best possible paint savings thanks to a precision parts detection system with a resolution of 12 mm in width for determining workpiece contours.
  • Contains two separate high-pressure paint circuits for fast colour changes.
  • Includes a gun holding plate for the assembly of 4 high-pressure spray guns. The gun holding plate can be exchanged quickly and easily together with the mounted guns thanks to a quick-release fastener.

  • “Limited Web-Edition”
  • The prices stated are valid for the models offered in Germany. This is a recommended retail price of HOMAG GmbH ex works (FCA/ Incoterms 2010 ICC). Errors and changes to the information are reserved. The offer is valid while stocks last.
  • Ask for your individual offer including transport and commissioning of the machine. Your HOMAG partner will be pleased to inform you about the detailed scope of the equipment and the range of services.
  • The HOMAG sales and delivery conditions apply.

Elements per page: 12 | 24 | 36

Elements per page: 12 | 24 | 36

Elements per page: 12 | 24 | 36

Elements per page: 12 | 24 | 36

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